The Internet! Isn’t it great? You get to express your opinion anonymously while reading other anonymous people’s opinion. Judging from the fact that we reserve all our positivity in real life, the Internet becomes more of a negative dumpster which we all hate but can’t help to go back to over-and-over-again. If you watch a YouTube video and feel hopeful and happy, I can guarantee you that if you scroll down a bit and read a comment, it will make you loose all faith in humanity, regardless of if it is a coming out video or just a cooking tutorial. Fun, right?

Want more of that?

No? Well, too bad.

The bubble (yes, bubble) you currently have access to is just the tip of a big iceberg. There are many more of the Internet that are not accessible to you because of language barriers. As English is the dominant language of the world, English-speakers have the advantage of having their opinions be heard nearly everywhere and the disadvantage of having their opinions be judged nearly everywhere.

On the other hand, on top of language barriers, China’s Internet is also heavily censored, the Chinese people can’t access the western Internet because of the Great Firewall. Therefore while other non-English speaking people can still express their opinion on channels that are English-dominated (YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook etc.), it is especially hard for Chinese people to do so. This means the Chinese people are not aware of what the rest of the world think, and the rest of the world is not aware of what the Chinese think.

And I thought that’s just no fair.

You see, I can read two languages, that’s 2 times the despair you have to endure, not to mention China has the biggest population on the Internet.

Wait, wouldn’t that means 2 times the happiness as well? No, sorry, all good stuff on the Internet happens when no humans are involved (aka. animal videos, aka. language barriers don’t exist)

If I tell you going through all of that didn’t make me cynical, I would be lying. Then one day I thought: If I can read all these bullshit you should as well!

Of course, I can say the reason I started this is to “bridge the cultural gap” or “we learn from being exposed to different opinions” or “it will spark progressive and constructive conversations” or other similar bullshit. But who am I kidding? That’s not going to happen. I am just doing this because I just want to see the world burn down.

Now you may ask: “Why don’t you just stay off the Chinese Internet?” Well, my answer is for the same reason you have to scroll down to the comment section even though you KNOW that you won’t be happy about what’s there.

I believe that if they are bold enough to publish their opinion in an environment where everyone would condone them, they would be completely fine for me to post them to people from a completely different culture. I want to uncover all of the sentiment, thoughts and opinions that are hidden behind the Great Firewall of China, no matter how good (that’s going to be difficult) or bad they are.

I’m going to translate comments, forum posts, social media posts, blog posts etc. from Chinese to English, and repost them on this blog. I’m not going to provide any personal opinion on this blog, I have another blog for social commentaries.

Oh yeah… Before anyone starts complaining: no those opinions do not represent the whole Chinese population.