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This trend is from the “非处不娶” forum. “非处不娶” literally means “not virgin don’t marry”. “娶” is a word exclusively meaning a male marrying a female by “taking” her, while “嫁” is a word exclusively means a female marrying to a male. The forum has 141,915 followers and 1,228,578 trends at 11/09/2016. There is a similar “非处不嫁” forum for women who vow not to marry non-virgin men, but with only 10,858 followers and 461,584 trends at 11/09/2016.
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Translation of Non-virgins are products of feminism trend on 非处不娶 forum


  • To attack non-virgins we can start from feminism


  • First, differentiate treatment towards virgin girls from non-virgins with identical qualities.
    • For example, virgins are guaranteed everything, while non-virgins have none, and can be kicked away at any time.
    • Non-virgins don’t have houses and cars for security, no stable marriage to look forward to, and men’s attitude would be different to them. As they are non-virgins, they will loose a lot, and women are materialistic, without security, it will make them feel pain. While people treat virgins extremely well, with everything guaranteed.
    • Which means virgins and non-virgins can enjoy different rights, being treated completely differently


  • We need to make sure the women know the difference
    • the more extreme the better


  • Next, we need to attack “dish-catching men” (men who accept non-virgin girls, seen as weak men who accept thrown away “dishes”, “dishes” can also mean “deals”, like real estate deals)
    • Use different method to eliminate “dish-catching”, make it a shameful concept, it doesn’t matter how pretty the woman is, she is a rotten good
    • Publish “dish-catching men”‘s partner’s personal information
    • Such as how many people fucked her, it would be even better with videos
    • As everyone knows, “dish-catching men” are the strong shields and escape route of non-virgins, but if even “dish-catching men” start despising non-virgins, then non-virgins happiness would be ended. After all, without knowing who publish the shameful acts of non-virgins, “dish-catching men” can only hate non-virgins, maybe even make their children hate the non-virgin.
    • For this, you can start with Fan Bingbing (a famous Chinese actress). She is the role model of cheaters and non-virgins. She is so successful now.
    • The audience knows that she is already old and fading, how many years will she last, let her brag for now.
    • Just directly despise “dish-catching men” on the Internet and in real life collectively, stay away from “dish-catching men”, don’t be friends with them, they will know “dish-catching” is not worthy of respect.


  • Next, we shoot down the non-virgins.
    • In extreme time we use extreme methods, the method can be more extreme, for example, brothers who are capable can hire private investigator to investigate non-virgins you know, make multiple copies of personal information you can put your hands on, sex tapes, how many sex partners they have, and even to what extend the relationship developed. Send it to their friends and relatives, or even the friends and relatives of their friends and relatives.
    • Spread it in their parents’ neighbourhood, let everyone know whose daughter is rotten goods.
    • Wait till she gets married, and then send it to the friends and relatives of her husbands.
    • Choose the classic, influential non-virgins , let the media expose them.


  • Then attack “bottle openers” (men who have sex with a virgin). After the previous points, non-virgins are unwanted, they would go and disturb “dish-catching men”, then sponsors those non-virgins, call the media to expose them, make their lives chaotic.
    • Error, I meant disturb “bottle openers”


  • As the method is a bit extreme, there might be revenge, so better do it anonymously, and then form alliance, when facing revenge, deal with them in unison. First cut their relationship with others, so the others won’t care if they are dead or alive. Don’t cause deaths, and depending on the condition of the revenger, try not to harm them physically, focus on their reputation and career, until they are completely destroyed.


  • But there are more feminists than non-virgin
    • We are just focusing on attacking the rights they want, when we destroy the non-virgins, feminism is mostly destroyed as well. No matter what the feminists do, they won’t achieve anything in reality. If they become extreme, then no one will care
    • It’s hard enough to destroy non-virgins let alone feminists.
    • Most virgins are more rationally, not shameless like non-virgins. And they can enjoy a lot of rights, there is no need for feminism
    • But there are virgins who are feminist, then you would be attacking them as well .
    • Use your brain, how many abnormal virgins are there, why would they be feminists when they could enjoy their rights to begin with. Do you think everyone is just like you? Can you achieve a goal with just one stop? I said we should use their rights to attack non-virgins, the more they want it the more we deny it. Read what I said first, it’s not time to attack feminism yet, shabi(curse word used to describe idiots).
    • Cursing as son as you got riled up… you are so desperate in attacking feminism…
    • It’s not that I’m riled up, it’s the person I’m responding to. We both know what kind of person you are, I don’t have to long-wind with you.
    • Virgins who support feminism are just non-virgins with their hymen, feminism support sex-positivity. More over, there are virgins in feminist organisations, but their appearance and other qualities are quite unflattering. Also these “virgin feminists” just have been with “men”, they have been living happily ever after. with dogs for ages.
    • Virgins have to be pure in both body and soul to be true virgins, they have to be normally both with their body and mentality. Or else they would be just like what the non-virgin say: being obsessed with the hymen.
    • What we are looking for is what the hymen represent, if there is none, why does the hymen matter? Virginity shouldn’t be the only criteria.
    • What kind of person am I??? Haha… Forget it… You do whatever you want… But you haven’t even destroyed non-virgins are you are already thinking about destroying feminism.. not long able this was nearly destroyed by spys from the non-virgin forum. It’s not even long after the situation got better and you are already looking forward… you can barely fight a branch of feminism and you are already speaking about fighting feminism. You need to eat one bite at a time.. If your steps are too big you might twist your ankle.
    • Who doesn’t know feminism is the biggest supporter of non-virgins? You think you are the only smart one here?? The problem is which one is more likely to be gotten rid off. If course it is great if we can get rid of feminism, the problem is we can’t.. fuck… I don’t know what to say… lastly, you can’t be fat from just one bite… okay, I won’t reply to you, you can say whatever you want
    • I wasn’t mistaken to say you are a moron. I said attack the non-virgins using feminism. We deny non-virgins whatever they want, while virgins can get whatever they want. Non-virgins are materialistic, isn’t that right in the point?
    • Look carefully before commenting, I never say attack feminism first, I said attack non-virgin with feminism (demanding on what feminist bitches want)
    • Two traits of feminism, sex-openness and vanity, you can basically tell who the feminist is by looking for one of these two traits
    • Sex-openness is definite, for the latter, I think all women are vane. It doesn’t matter, as long as she is virgin, this isn’t a big deal, I think they can still enjoy a lot of rights. But not non-virgins, not even basic rights that they could enjoy to begin with, and reduce other rights, don’t let them have happiness, maybe give them a little if you are in a good mood someday.
    • No, what you think is not completely right. If you marry a virgin then you should treat her well, that’s responsibility, but you can’t be excessive, treating her too well would make her female vanity grow, that’s harmful to the family and society. Have you heard of “to marry a wife you need to marry one that virtuous”?
    • Yes, I have to be more specific, only reasonable requires are fulfilled, while non-reasonable ones are not allowed.


  • When everyone is “not virgin don’t marry”, non-virgins would be chased by all to be beaten up [like a rat crossing the street] (a Chinese idiom that means being hated by all), at the end they will end up to be bitches that are only tools for venting. As there are more and more non-virgin, I believe there will be more people would choose not to get married like in western countries, if there are children then the non-virgin would have to raise him herself. Isn’t that the western life they are after?!
    • It’s a bit different, our countries don’t have children welfare, they will have to spend their own money.


  • You are too naive.
    • If there are enough people supporting this movement, it will succeed.


  • (Untranslatable)


  • Second-handed non-virgins and rotten goods must be striked down. As they can be promiscuous like the west, we can be irresponsible like the west, a lot of rights they would have been able to enjoy, shouldn’t exist after they are fucked and dumped. Did you want equality? Then we would have real equality like the west. For non-virgins we don’t have to be responsible like the previous generation, we would just live together and not get married like a lot of people overseas.
    • That’s equality, how is it feminism when you only enjoy rights but don’t bear responsibility
    • What kind of equality is that?


  • Non-virgins are just a branch of feminism, feminism is the shield of non-virgin, where they can be rampant. Feminism is the main pusher or sex-openness.
    • Actually “dish-catching men” are also the shield of non-virgin, because of them, non-virgins are very arrogant. They don’t need to worry about marriage no matter how dirty and rotten they are. I think feminism are made-up by a lot of cheap women are non-virgin rotten goods. If non-virgins are successfully destroyed, then the Chinese feminism would be half-crumpled.


  • You can have a look, the non-virgin forum’s admins are also people from the feminism forums.
    • Yes, it is crazy and ridiculous, they are all rotten goods
    • I always go to give them a piece of my mind, but I think there are more of them than us.
    • That’s because there are too many rotten goods, they have to form a peck. If everyone only marries virgins, then wouldn’t they have no support for the rest of their lives?


  •  Filled with bitchiness but pretend to be virgins. Don’t you think we can see what filthy and despicable things you say in the non-virgin forum? I don’t deny that I’m a menist, I am going for real equality, that’s the real menist. I only attack cheap women, rotten goods and non-virgins.


  • People who say destroying non-virgins is difficult but destroying feminism is more difficult are not wrong.
    • It’s because non-virgins are the fangs and claws of feminists, we have to shot them down. Don’t give them waht they want, while virgins can basically get whatever they want. You have to really hit the point for it to work (Non-virigns don’t have true love, all they have left is materal and lust, if we don’t fulfil them, we would hit them in the “spot”. When you rip off the fangs and claws, we can do whatever we want to feminism, and they won’t be able to fit back.
    • Actually they just have to behave themselves, then they will still have the rights they deserve, as the socieity is becoming more open. But while they should be cast aside like vomit for being filty, they have the audacity to want rights they don’t desrve, that’s just unrelated fantacies. Society being open doesn’t mean tolerating filth (they should be something that is chased by all to be beaten up [like a rat crossing the street] (a Chinese idiom meaning hated by all), but they are acting so arrogantly, seriously taking away the rights of us men, by their logic, shouldn’t rape be legal? )
    • If not why should those non-virgins and sluts can invade our rights, while rapists can’t invaid their rights? They are full of faults to begin with, there were chances for them to be cocky, but after one night they are now rotten goods, and yet they are still have the audiacity to protest. How can they sound all rightous after doing such filthy act, they really think us men are useless. 18
  • Non-virgins are not the products of feminism, they are the products of bithces and female jerks
    • Why become bitches?Isn’t it because men can have sex with a lot of people, and being sluts, they can have sex recklessly as well? They even try to bring such filthy idea up, pushing for non-virgin legalisation, that’s Chinese feminism for you
    • Without Chinese feminism your mother won’t even be born, she would be aborted, are you a moron?
    • You rmother is a feminst as well? Did she suceed, why are you insane as well? That’s the consequences of second-hand products being feminists.
    • 1920
  • A lot of girl say
  • I will play around for a few years, when I am tired
  • I will find a nice guy to love me
  • I’m confused, did us nice guys
  • dig your family’s grave to receive this karma?


  • Tell me, why are you a prostitue (“chicken” is a slang for prostitue in Chinese)?


  • I have seen an article “Feminism is the lifeboat of non-virgins”


  • I support real feminism, but non-virgin feminism is just egoism
    • Don’t support it just because it’s real feminism, you have to see if it is reasonalble. If it is for women’s rights but hurting us men then that’s not allowed either.
    • That’s necessary, I support the equal opportunity for jobs and education. Not what non-virgins’ brand-dead logics of having the man to do all the sarcrafising while wanting materalistic equality
    • Support feminism but not bitch-ism
    • Actually it’s not equal even materalistically. After all it is us men who provides, their equality is just equality in enjoying the end result, everything else is on us. If it’s virgin then I can’t complain, but defintely not second-hand products
    • Exactly


  • You gave your first time to your boyfriend, what are you going to offer to your future husband?
  • Skills


  • Feminism is only for women’s lower status in feudal societies, it is completely unncessairily now, they are already enjoying the same rights as men are. The so-called feminism is just a didgus for greed, some extreme feminists are calling for indulgent conspiricies, including sex-openness. At this state the balance between men and women would be destroyed, families would be unstable, divorce rate will increase, and harm the social stability
    • Actually most women have control over money in most families, their status is higher then men. We may sometimes look happy but we are just serving them, I have never seen a man complaining about that. But now even non-virgins want to enojoy this treatmnet, that’s infuriating, and they don’t deserve it either


  • There is nothing wrong with feminism, real feminists are not going fo the same thing as non-virgin bitches. Feminism is about social status, bitches want orgasm, but financially they still want to depend on men
    • That’s what I thought before, but then I had an epiphany. Why is equality real feminism? Can’t I say equality is real menism? Therefore feminism is just a conspiricy of feminists.


  • Feminism is about anti-virgin sentiment, supporting sexual openness, so if you want to shoot down non-virgins you can’t support feminism.
    • Chinese feminism
    • Overseas feminism is the same
    • But the Chinese ones are prevents


  • This is a post of “烦人的星星”, she likes to block comments she dosn’t like after a discussion, you can see if your comment is still there tomorrow
    • Non-virgins are scared, they can’t accept normal criticism, and are scared to let people know the truth, because the truth is bloody
    • Non-vrigins do not have sex for love, the proof is the mass  breaking-up. Destroying the argument of non-virgin having sex for true love. If it is true love, why would you break up?


  • I replied “烦人的星星”: I can see that you are still young, go get married, stop messing around
  • When you are older, guess if people would guess how many mn you have been with, no matter how old virgins are, no one would try to find out how many men she had been with
  • Very soon after, i was blocked


  • Remind you, 彩礼(bride price) forum is also a gathering spot of broken shoes (non-virgins)
    • 人流 (traffic/abortion) forum has even more
    • That doesn’t need reminder, everyone knows
    • Some of those non-virgin have had abortion before
    • The 彩礼 forum is so fast in blocking
    • I was blocked after 5 posts


  • [not translatable]


  • To shoot down non-virgins, we need to look down on them in real life, don’t be friends with them, ignore them, if you see them walk away. Don’t touch, fuck or marry non-virgins.


  • Someone go invade the Feminist forum, they are quick at blocking.


  • If you see non-virgins stay away from them


  • Uh-huh